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 ALL about the artist, Becca!

Hey there, Bestie! Let me introduce myself – I'm Becca, the creative girl behind every stroke, hue, and twirl you spot on this website. I'm basically a natural introvert – you know, a cave-dwelling, night-owl-vampire, anxiety-ridden, pale-skinned, shiny-loving, GOBLIN who loves all things kawaii and cute. I will ride that vibe until the day I die!

🌄 I'm an Oklahoma gal, drawing inspiration from the everyday magic that surrounds me. From the vast skies that stretch over the prairies to those cozy moments spent with my hubby, daughter, and a whole squad of furry friends. 🐶🐱 Right now, I'm on an epic quest to find a new nest, adding a dash of adventure to my creative journey.

Speaking of fluffy friends, my home is basically a cozy zoo. 🐾 Six cats and a loyal pup make life a symphony of purrs, barks, and endless love. They're not just pets – they're the heartbeats that inspire my art, infusing it with warmth and playfulness.

When I'm not lost in art, you'll catch me hooking away with yarn or crafting up new delights. Whether I'm doodling on paper or stitching with threads, it's where my heart finds its happy place. 🧶 It's like each creation gets a sprinkle of love, turning into a testament to the fire that fuels my art journey.

From the whimsical world of Kawaii to the enigmatic allure of Starrify After Dark, my art's like a window to my soul. Each drawing gets a piece of my heart, and through StarrifyStudio.com, I'm thrilled to share that magic with you. 🌟 As you dive into the collections and explore, I hope you'll catch the same joy and wonder that dance in my heart as I create.

Thanks a million for joining me on this rollercoaster ride of creativity and dreams! 🎢 Your presence makes it all the more enchanting.

Catch those rainbows, Becca 🌈


Starrify Studio Socials

Website: www.StarrifyStudio.com
Instagram: @StarrifyStudio
Facebook: /StarrifyStudio
Twitter / X: @StarrifyStudio

Recent News!

Currently, I'm in travel mode – yep, I'm on the go! My Etsy shops are taking a little nap for now. Why? Because I'm tagging along with my hubby on his job adventures! Once we've picked a new nest and settled into our own little house, I'll be out of travel mode. 🏡

In the meantime, check this out: I've waved my magic wand and moved all my stuff to different platforms. Ta-da! All those super cute stickers you adore? They're hanging out on Red Bubble now. 🎉 Red Bubble's got this cool lineup: matte, glossy, transparent – oh, and don't forget the waterproof vinyl dance! 💧

The other goodies? Well, they've either taken a little nap until I've found my new groove or they're right here, on my main website. Oh, and here's a secret: shopping here means a sweet deal. Etsy's got those sky-high fees that end up in your cart. But guess what? My website is kinder to your wallet! 💰

Once I'm all settled in my new spot, who knows what'll happen? I might reopen my Etsy shops with a flourish, or I might just keep the party going right here! 🎈 It's a mystery, even to me. By the way, wanna keep up with my travel tales? Follow me on Instagram – it's like a virtual postcard from me to you! 📸

Big thanks for dropping by, you're the best! ✨

Catch those rainbows, Becca 🌈
Pastel Dreamer, LLC.


Diving Deeper into Pastel Dreamer, LLC.

Let's talk about Pastel Dreamer, LLC. This is the official, legally registered business that holds all the reins. It's like the mastermind behind everything you see below – the sites, the groups, and all the creative wonders in its domain. Think of it as the ultimate parent figure!

Back in 2021, Pastel Dreamer, LLC. came into official existence. But before that, I was the soul proprietor running the show under the name Starrify Studio.

Just so you know, when it comes to all the legal stuff – like banking and what you'll spot on your credit card statement – it's all under the name Starrify Studio. So, rest assured, you're in good hand!🌟💼🏛️

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