Fan Photo Program

Thank you for your participation in our fan photo program. By submitting your photographs featuring the merchandise acquired from Starrify Studio, you are granting us permission to utilize these images on our website, social media platforms, and in various forms of promotional material. Please be aware that we do not claim ownership of your photograph itself; however, we retain the perpetual rights to employ the associated merchandise imagery.

Once you provide us with consent to employ your photograph, kindly note that requests for removal will not be accommodated. In appreciation of your contribution, you will receive a coupon via email for future use. These coupons do not have an expiration date and are valid for a single use.

Furthermore, by submitting your photograph, you certify that you hold the rightful ownership of the image and that it belongs to you exclusively. It is important to acknowledge that not all submitted photographs will be utilized. Any photographs featuring hate speech, racial content, or undesirable elements will not be published or employed.

We sincerely appreciate your collaboration and support at Starrify Studio. Thank you for being a part of our creative community.

Best regards,
Starrify Studio

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