Returns and Refund Policy

Refund and Return Guidelines: Your Happy Shopping Guide! 

First off, let's talk refunds. I totally understand, life happens! However, I can only swing a refund if your order has had a seriously long journey (like over 30 days) or if it arrives looking like it's been through a roller coaster or two. But, here's the catch – I'll need some photo evidence to work my magic. 📸✨ Just a heads-up, though: I'm all about keeping things fair, so any super outlandish requests may be declined.

Now, let's dive into the nitty-gritty of what's refund-friendly and what's not:

🚫 Here's a few things I can't refund:

  • Returns that come knocking after 10 days from delivery. No exceptions, love!
  • If your bookmark, card, or art print decides to do the limbo and becomes bent.
  • Accidentally gave your cup a crash course in gravity.
  • Your sticker's hues faded or it didn't survive your adventures.
  • That change of heart moment when you're not feeling a purchase anymore.

✅ Here's the scoop on what's refund-worthy:

  • Cups that had a bumpy ride during shipping – make sure the pics shout "ouch, that hurt!"
  • Stickers that got squashed or turned into origami on their way – show me the proof!
  • Oh no, your merch arrived with a bit of a hiccup? You've got 10 days from delivery to return it. Just remember, you're in charge of the postage.

Psst, if things went a little sideways and you're left with a damaged or defective item, I've got you covered. You can return it within 10 days of getting it. You are responsible for the cost to ship it back. I'll also happily exchange it for something equally awesome from my site.



Now, about those elusive items that wander off in the mail abyss – I'm really sorry, but I can't swing refunds for them. Mail's a mystery, and once it leaves my hands, it's out of my realm. In super rare cases, if the tracking waves a white flag and your package decides to play hide-and-seek forever, I might hook you up with a replacement. But, remember, it needs to be seriously fashionably late (like over 30 days). However please visit my Customer Service page and drop me a line if your item is more than 12 days late (domestic) and 3 weeks late (International) and ill see if I can check out what's going on with the tracking for you!


Initiate Return

Got a return itch you need to scratch? Easy peasy – just use the contact form below, and we'll make the magic happen. 📬✨

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